Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Urn Company Foreverence Make 3D Printed Custom Urns

Have you heard of 3-D printers yet? They have been all the buzz the last few years, and have now made their way into the funeral industry in an impressive debut with custom urns. Now you can have an extremely unique urn made for your loves ones that really go above and beyond. They have the ability to really showcase someone's personality and display what they loved most.

Foreverence began making one-of-a-kind cremation urns using 3-D printers about three months ago. It can design an urn in just about any shape, giving families the opportunity to have endless creativity in memorializing their loves ones. The urns typically cost about $2,500. Foreverence is on track to make $500,000 this year and hopes to hit $3.3 million by its third year. Co-founder Pete Saari said. “It’s literally having a conversation with a family that suffered a loss to say, ‘What is symbolic of the way that person lived their life? What is a form of passion for them? What is something that was a hobby or interest of theirs?’ The conversation is around legacy — what was meaningful to that person, what’s meaningful for the family.”

With more and more people looking to cremation, this should come as no surprise. Pete Saari and Wally Danielson the founders of Foreverence found a way to customize cremations, and people are loving it. Check out their site, because the possibilities are endless. 

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