Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Reach client families in relevant ways this Holiday Season!

Security National Life shared a post on their site with Simple Steps to Find More Success For Your Funeral Home. We wanted to expound on one of their steps, "Reaching client families in relevant ways." 

With Thanksgiving tomorrow and the rest of the Holidays following shortly after, now is the season to gather, and celebrate with your employees, clients, and community. It is not only a time to foster relationships you have, but to cultivate new ones. As a funeral home owner, your reputation in the community is everything, and creating opportunities for the community to get to you know you can be a huge part of your firm being successful. How is your community going to get to know you? Invite them over!

Depending on your funeral home and the space you have, here are some great examples of involving your community in your place of business!

Host a Holiday Party.

Invite the community over for a Holiday Party! Show a Christmas movie, drink hot chocolate, or sing carols and play games. Do you have an outdoor space? Screen your movie outside, have a bonfire, roast marshmallows. You can make this event family friendly, like having children over to decorate ginger bread houses, or decorate a Christmas tree with their creations. Or you could cater it towards a group of adults and do more of a formal sit down dinner. If you have the space, utilize it!


The holidays can be a hard time for those who have lost loved ones. Host a service at the end of the year that celebrates and remembers those who have passed away in your community over the past year. You could have a light vigil, have speakers, let anyone come up and share memories. You can really make this a night to remember! 
Rent your space!

The holidays are a time for lots of parties! If you have the ability, think about renting out some space for local businesses to host their own holiday parties and dinners. Not only does this bring people into your place of business so they become familiar with your funeral home, you can earn money on the side. Now that is a win, win!

Decorate your Funeral Home

Have you ever heard of those communities that have such astounding decorations people come from all over to see it? Light up and decorate your funeral home! Make it THE place to come and see! Blast music, sell hot chocolate, and make stopping by your firm a holiday tradition every year for people in your area!

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